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Experience Fun and Challenging workouts

No more Boring workouts with a yoga mat and a pair of dumbells

With our 8000 sq ft facility we have all the space and equipment to take you through fantastic workouts. You never get bored! From kettlebells to sand bags - bodyweight to barbells, you will have new workouts every session. Our classes are also split into Beginner - Intermediate and Advanced levels

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“At Hostyle we work on the functional movement concepts. We work with you to improve your cardio - core and strength.  Better - Stronger - and more Functional. We improve your Human Awesomeness every workout"

Curd Hos - Hostyle Founder - Head strength and conditioning coach - Kettlebells powerlifting  - FMS - Structural Assessments, Ottawa

This is Why We Are Awesome!

From Kettlebells to Bodyweight training - Weightloss to strength and conditioning  our coaches have years of competing and coaching experience.
We go way beyond theory and internet information.  

  • Hostyle was Created By me as I lost 100 lbs

    Curd Hos

    “I was 42 years old - I weighed almost 400 lbs - I drank too much - felt like shit everyday. The real joke is that I was in the health and fitness business. I owned sports nutrition stores and a gym. But I was a wreck. I spent the next year picking myself up, dusting myself off and I got to work.
    I started eating better, cut down on the booze ( I no longer drink as of 2014). I started working out - walking and then some running.
    Within 12 months I ran 2 - 5 km races - 1 Spartan 5km race - Set 2 (masters 40-49) bench press records and lost 100 lbs.
    I also went onto create Hostyle Conditioning - Fitness and Conditioning Facility that caters to the 0ver 40 crowd. MOst days I feel like in my 20's again. I am back bench pressing over 500 lbs..“

  • Our Hostyle Team

    Our Coaches

    “I'm very proud of our coaches here at Hostyle. Some of them were clients for years, as clients they know the Hostyle way from the otherside of the floor.
    They remeber what it was like to be a beginner, to struggle and to succeed. Along the way I saw something in them that I really liked, They cared about the people working out around them. I would see them helping the new clienst or cheering and encouraging the others around them. 
    I then proceeded to ask them to become coaches and build on that base of caring and leadership.
    Some of my coaches came to Hostyle looking for a place to call home. A place that matched their vision of a facility that cared about the client and that promoted techinque and effort above all else.
    One comment I get very, very often is how Our coaches are special and have made a huge impression on our Client both new and vetran.

This is Why We Are Different!

We Believe in following the Be - Do - Coach philosophy

Our Facility has the most expierienced Strength Coaches in the game.

From Powerlifting to Bodybuilding - Physique to Outdoor Racing, our coaches have years of competing and coaching experience. We go way beyond theory and internet information. We Believe in following the Be - Do - Coach philosophy.

Build Strength and Core. Improve your Functional movement and solve back and knee issues.

Improve your fitness conditioning and cardio to not only look great but feel fantastic everyday.

Easy to follow meal plans that allow you to eat right for weightloss and lean muscle improvement


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Lets Crush it! - Curd

What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "I use to lift at a big chain gym with no goals. I was uninspired by the atmosphere and unmotivated to push myself. After doing Kettlebells at Hostyle for awhile I decided to start lifting again.
    The coaches have corrected my technique dramatically. Now I'm hitting PR's left and right and getting ready for my first competition.  If you want to lift heavy with purpose and good technique. Hostyle is your facility.
    Crush it!"

    Andrew Bissett -Orleans

  • "When I started with Hostyle I actually had a "Bad" back. I was convinced that I was going to be like this forever. Fast Forward 6 months later. I just deadlifted 315lbs..That's 3 plates in powerlifting venacular!!"

    Mona Kitz - Market Organics

  • Back in March 2013 I weighed myself and at the time I was 198lbs! I was freaked out!!
    I decied I had to do something about my weight asap. I started to watch my calories and I began to lose some weight slowly.
    Then I happened across a group on deal for Hostyle. I got the courage up to try 10 classes. I was hooked by the first class. Before I even completed my 10 sessions I joined Hostyle and never looked back.
    The people there are so amazing and the support is Awesome!.
    Curd keeps the classes fun, challenging and always different.
    I can’t imagine my life without training at Hostyle.
    Oh , and I know weigh 140 lbs almost 50 lbs lost so far!
    Thanks Hostyle
    Francine Martel 

    Francine Martel

  • After having my second and
    last child, I knew it was time to
    get back to my pre-baby
    weight. My post baby weight
    was 151 lbs now 8 months
    later I’m 125 lbs 2 -3 classes
    a week fit my hectic schedule
    with 2 young kids. I feel great
    and have the functional
    strength and cardio to keep
    up with my young family at
    any level! Thx Hostyle!!

    Michelle Hannah - Orleans

  • "From a near 300-pound, pre-diabetic, arthritic man with two herniated discs and who was unable to walk without a cane, to lifting a combined weight of over 1,000 pounds in all three powerlifts two years later and weighing a healthy 100 pounds lighter, I can safely say that Hostyle's powerlifting program has literally saved my life."

    Michel Fortin- Orleans

  • "
    Prior to joining Hostyle Conditioning, I was so badly out of shape I couldn’t climb a single flight of stairs without getting winded, none of my clothes fit and my overall health was suffering (high cholesterol, no energy). I got so depressed I just didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything and my family was suffering.
    My colleagues at work convinced me to give Hostyle Boot Camp a try, the price was right so I figured, what have I got to lose… well I have never looked back.
    The workouts seemed to be geared to help me succeed and keep me going. Every workout was different so there is no getting bored. I just can’t wait to see what they will come up with next!
    Not only have I lost over 30 lbs, I can now run up and down stiars multiple times and still have energy left over and my cholesterol is under control. I feel better, look better, and am much happier.
    Thanks Hostyle for giving me my life back.

    Anne Chabossol - Orleans

  • "
    Paul and Sharon
    When Paul and I retired in 2007 made the decision to get a handle on our health so we could enjoy our grandchild.  We were both out of shape and although we walked everyday felt there was something missing in our routine and we need to step up our exercise regime.  We saw an advertisement for kettlebell classes and thought this maybe something to try out. After the first class we were hooked.   It was scary and we both thought “I am never going to be able to do that, he must be crazy”.  Well that was four years ago, we are into our 5th year and now attend the general conditioning classes 3 days a week and are willing to try everything that is thrown at us. 
    We are both down 2 clothes sizes, and our overall strength and cardio has greatly improved.  Thanks to Curd, and his staff we feel great and are looking forward to the future what every that may be but for sure we will be “CRUSHING IT”.  “Sore today stronger tomorrow” are the words we live by now.
    Paul and Sharon

    Sharon & Paul Deslauriers - Orleans

  • .
    Curd and the Hostyle family have changed my life!
    At 44 years of age, I am now in the best shape of my life! I have lost over 20 pounds and added some good muscle mass, and I am back wearing a waist size I wore in high school. (Curd should have warned me I would need a whole new wardrobe!)
    As a busy business owner and entrepreneur, the training at Hostyle helps me stay fit, strong, and energetic. It also acts as a great stress reliever, and has improved my focus and my mental game. 
    I also have a busy family life (family of seven + two dogs), so going to the gym every day is not option. I train three times a week for one hour at a time, which is a small price to pay when I consider the return on investment.
    My Hostyle workouts are an important part of my routine, and I look forward to the challenge Curd throws down every time I’m there. Hostyle really knows how to keep it real, keep it fresh, and keep it relevant to my fitness level. 
    I highly recommend Curd, Jess and the Hostyle community to anyone who is serious about taking control of their health. They will help you crush it and get results… period!
    Thanks Hostyle! I am a raving fan!"

    Eric Deschamps - Orleans

  • My name is George Garby and I am 63 years old retired (kind of).
    When did you get your wakeup call? Or are you waiting for a miracle to happen and one day you will wake up and be at the top of you game. (LOL)
    I have an uncle who was 88 years old at the time and had lots of trouble walking, so I said to him why don’t you do a few exercises perhaps that would help your legs muscles. He turned to me and said "I should have done that twenty five years ago it is too late now".
    I was 60 at the time he was 85, so I thought hell I better get serious about conditioning if I don’t want to be like my uncle. This is a true story. So I turned to my friend Curd of Curd Hos - Hostyle Conditioning who I have known for a very long time and said I need to lose weight and get in shape but I am concerned I am too old to start now, is there anything you can do for me?
    Curd said you have to be serious and committed if not don’t waste your money and my time. (He used other words but this is what he meant.)
    I have been working with Curd now for almost three years and I can say today my body, mind, have never been in better shape. Curd has developed workout programs just for me that keep my body fit my mind sharp and me feeling good about myself again, and I had fun doing it.
    Nothing is for sure but my chances of walking pain free when I am 90 looks dam good thanks to
    Curd Hos - Hostyle Conditioning.
    I work out twice a week with Curd Mondays and Friday and now I play squash twice a week and can’t wait for the golf season to start.
    March 1 2014

    George Garby - Orleans